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Video Advertising

Video Advertising

It has long been known that video advertising is the key for creating awareness with our receivers. But as the time goes by, the video strategies and tools develop at a fast pace. It’s important to keep up with the speed and adapt to the new changes.

What Do My Customers Want from Me?

In order to create a good video campaign there are two essentials: good material and correct targeting. Imagine that you’re out on YouTube, looking at YouTube films of your choice. Isn’t it annoying if you are shown a video of something completely irrelevant, and on top of that, a bad quality video?

We always set our strategies from a customers’ view in order to serve the right message at the right time, to get the most out of our campaigns. In the end, everything's about being as relevant to the customer as possible. This might sound simple, but it’s harder than one thinks. Let us help you with your video strategy!

"Video Is Only for Brand Awareness"

It is a common saying that video only is for creating brand awareness. A big part of this is right, but now we see more and more tools that we can use to create a conversion-driven campaign in video advertising. It's just about finding the right tools for your campaign.

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Video Advertising is part of the Digital Growth Engine

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Marketing Technology

Building the right technological infrastructure for your business needs is one the key areas of building a successful digital growth engine. The solutions from our four key offering areas provide the answers to collect data that enables data driven decision making and automated marketing & customer service related activities.

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