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Technical SEO Audit

Do you know how your site performs? For example, 40% of the people abandon a website which takes more than 3 seconds to load. Or do you know if your site is mobile friendly and optimized for the mobile consumer?

What Is a Technical SEO Audit?

You need to understand if your online assets and websites are leaking customers due to technical issues, and how should you go about improving the current state to sell more.

A technical SEO audit provides a thorough technical checklist and prioritized recommendations of your website’s current state, from a technical SEO point-of-view.

Why Should You Have a Technical SEO Audit?

Poor website technology can be a major blocker for growth online, while a good platform and technology is a cornerstone of growth. Resolving technical issues of a website has a clear link not only to customer experience but both to the top and the bottom line of the business.

You can retain more customers and sell more by understanding how you go about improving the current state.

How Is a Technical SEO Audit Done?

We do the magic with a desktop and mobile study of the website’s technical status, relying on professional SEO-tools (e.g. Screaming Frog, SearchMetrics, SearchConsole). We analyze a website across 30+ dimensions across four distinct categories (indexing, relevance, usability, speed).

As an end result, we provide you with recommendations and details on fixes for the technical team, prioritized by the expected business impact.

Why Nordic Morning?

We take pride in our work. Thus, we can boldly say that our expertise in both strategic and operational SEO is unparalleled. We have coached and optimized hundreds of websites with the focus on enterprise SEO.

We are true experts dedicated to grow your visibility and help you meet your business goals.

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Digital services are naturally in the core of building and running digital growth engine. In order to drive growth and customer satisfaction, these services should be build and run by utilising customer centric and data driven customer insights. By utilising solutions from our 4 key offering areas, you are able build and run services that are customer centric and data driven.


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Building the right technological infrastructure for your business needs is one the key areas of building a successful digital growth engine. The solutions from our four key offering areas provide the answers to collect data that enables data driven decision making and automated marketing & customer service related activities.

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