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Search Engine Advertising (SEM)

Search Engine Advertising (SEM, SEA) uses popular search engines such as Google and Bing to display ads in search results. SEM enables very efficient advertising of products and services by matching customer search terms with specific products.

Efficient and Measurable

SEM or SEA results can be measured very well compared to the traditional media and usually have high ROI or ROAS as customers typically are actively looking for products or services. Search engine advertising also supports organic traffic from search engines (SEO) and vice versa. Whether you are offering B2B services or run eCommerce website, SEM is usually a good starting point for digital advertising, bringing in steady stream of customers with purchase intent or interest in products.

The Nordic Morning Approach

Our services consist of the complete management of our clients' paid search activities in multiple search channels, including keyword portfolio development, product feed management, optimization of ad-copy and implementation of bidding strategies. Our SEM services are tightly integrated with other paid media and data analytics services providing a foundation for highly efficient search retargeting and remarketing.

Building up SEM:

  1. KPI workshop
  2. Search term research
  3. Account and campaign build, bidding rules
  4. Data collection and analytics
  5. Reporting _ Optimization

Why Nordic Morning?

Our industry-leading results are guaranteed through a combination of highly skilled specialists supported by state-of-the-art technology solutions, and our close partnership with Google enables us to provide our clients with the latest ad formats and solutions available in each market. The teamwork with SEO specialists and data analysts produces far better ROI than SEM alone. Nordic Morning is a certified Google Partner.

Nordic Morning works with many of the largest brands in the Nordics, planning, managing and optimizing their paid search engine marketing (SEM). Our core competence is to provide full-service paid search management. Nordic Morning employs a specialized SEM team that serves our customers in local languages throughout the whole Nordic region. All of our SEM consultants are Google Certified Individuals.

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Search Engine Advertising (SEM) is part of the Digital Growth Engine

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The better the content, the easier the distribution of the content in all media while running the digital growth engine. Customer centric and data driven content provides excellent possibilities to earn media and have visibility for your own media but paid media is also needed to scale the business. By utilising solutions from our four key offering areas, you are able to scale your business in all media efficiently.

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