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Digital Website Analytics

Digital website analytics is all about measurement, insights and data accuracy. Nordic Morning’s website analytics services are performed by the best web and marketing analysts in the industry.


Digital website analytics enables data-driven decision-making in online business. We at Nordic Morning, through our unique expertise, high level of service and tool independence, deliver customized decision-making to companies and organizations with active digital presence. Typically, through digital analytics, you can significantly improve website performance and UX, customer satisfaction and marketing ROAS.

Analytics Implementation Process:

  1. KPI workshop
  2. Data framework (DataLayer)
  3. Measurement plan (documentation)
  4. Analytics (platform) setup
  5. Tag management
  6. Data validation
  7. Analysis and insights

Why Nordic Morning?

At the core of our services are the industry-leading products: Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics, for which the company is a qualified partner (Adobe Analytics & Google Analytics Certified Partner) and reseller of Google Analytics 360. Our long experience and large analytics team provide the capability of building and running digital analytics for global websites in multi-vendor environment. Through a close cooperation with Google and Adobe we can offer the best support and solutions to any analytics needs.

The Nordic Morning Approach

Our approach on website analytics is based on a clear definition of the data to be collected and analyzed and the KPIs that are needed to drive our clients' businesses forward. We provide services that secure the tracking system to provide the correct information, and we make sure that this information is analyzed and presented in a way that can support management and business decisions.

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Digital Website Analytics is part of the Digital Growth Engine

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Data & Customer Insights

The better the technological infrastructure, the easier it is to make quantitative research and insights. These insights give an understanding about how customers have behaved but not necessarily why they behaved in a certain way. That is why also qualitative research and insights are needed to build and run digital growth engine. By combining quantitative and qualitative insights provided by solutions in our four key offering areas, you are able to be truly customer centric and data driven.

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